About Us


Owner&Creator: Sina Jo

The Fringed Cactus was created in a tiny living room floor after I had just moved home from going to college and soon found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend, husband now, were dirt poor and I knew I needed to figure out how to make some extra cash for the adventure we were about to take on. I've always been a do it yourself kind of person, so I decided one day to make a diaper bag for myself and next thing I knew is all my friends were wanting one! I had a crazy idea to quit my job and make bags full time. Thankfully with the help of my step dad, he gave me $100 to order supplies and make a few bags to sell. A few years later here I am being a full time momma, and a full time business owner. 

I owe it all to y'all, my loyal customers! 

 Shop Manager: Cheri

Better known as my mama! This hardworking woman is who cuts out every piece of hide, liner, backing, leather fringe, she handles pretty much everything so all I have to do is create and make, you name it, she does it! Her hardworking mind set has helped shape me to be the business owner I am today.

Bag Lacer: Gary {aka my step dad}

This man helped turn my crazy dream into reality! He has been helping me since day one and I’ve never heard him complain. He hand laces every single saddleblanket bag we make. He’s been someone I can count on throughout this entire business journey, he’s taken road trips near and far, helped set up show booths, and helped build anything I need in the shop.

Building a business with my village! 


Sina Jo